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Um, get your own coffee.

Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Jealousy is never about just one thing; in relationships, it can often indicate that there are deeper issues at play. Listen up to this relationship coach advice if you've ever wondered: can a healthy amount of jealousy ever be good for you?

How Can Women Trust Themselves More?
Do you have trouble opening up in a new relationship?

How Can Women Trust Themselves More?

Many women say they have a difficult time trusting themselves in their relationships with men between vulnerability, intimacy and sex. So how can we allow ourselves to be more trusting of men?

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How Do I Move On From Infidelity?

After infidelity, your relationship is on the rocks. You're unsure whether or not it can be repaired and don't know if you can ever fully trust your partner again. Although infidelity is a traumatic for any couple to experience, it is something you and your partner can overcome.

Can Your Relationship Really Survive Infidelity? [VIDEO]
Can you overcome a broken heart?

Can Your Relationship Really Survive Infidelity?

You thought your relationship with your partner was perfect. Happily ever after wasn't just a dream, it was your reality. Then, suddenly, you learn your man has been cheating on you. You wonder: Is there any way our relationship can be salvaged? In this video, counselor, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Tammy Nelson answers the question: Can a relationship really survive an affair?

How Do I Know I Won't Get Cheated On Again? [VIDEO]
Are you afraid it'll happen again?

How Do I Know I Won't Get Cheated On Again?

Are you tormented by memories of men who've cheated on you before? Does infidelity from your past still haunt you today? If you've been cheated on, it's normal to worry that it will happen again ... but you don't have to let it ruin your chances of having a successful relationship. In this video, Relationship Therapist, Best-Selling Author and YourTango Expert Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil explains how to let go of your past while protecting yourself against infidelity in the future.

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Have you given him your key? [VIDEO]

When is it the best time to give someone your house key? This question is about trust and communication. And YourTango finds out some interesting things as we take it to the streets and find out when people are comfortable with handing our their house key.