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Dumped At The Altar, Man Finds Love In 7 Countries

New York Times bestselling author of Honeymoon With My Brother shares love lessons from around the world. After being left at the altar, Franz Wisner decided to go on his honeymoon—with his brother. The journey didn't stop there. The pair traveled to seven more countries, along the way learning about love and relationships around the world. Wisner's voyage led him to not only recover from his breakup, but to find a new love. Watch to learn more about his story.


Single in India: So Many Paths To Love [VIDEO]

<< PREVIOUS EPISODE Liz Tuccillo, Sex and the City writer and co-author of He's Just Not That Into You, concludes that Indian women have the best of all worlds when it comes to looking for love. They can go the traditional route and seek an arranged marriage, they can date and look for a love marriage, or they can opt for total freedom and remain unmarried.

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Go Ahead And Rent A Human [VIDEO]

There's a new way to play tourist in an unknown city and it doesn't involve a double-decker bus or guidebook. Through Like-a-Local, you and your man can rent a human resident for a day, and literally experience the city as a local would. Like-a-Local caters to young, hip travellers (like yourselves) and features rentable locals in 20 cities, including Barcelona, Amsterdam and New York. But before you rent, remember: The locals you hire promise to show you a good time, but not too good.

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The World's Longest Honeymoon

It's been said that there's no better way to test a relationship than to take it on the road. And in the case of Brendan and Sarah, that road will be about 130 times longer than your average weekend getaway. For thirteen months, they'll be abandoning their home, friends, and careers to take their newly married butts and backpacks around the world. Along the way, they'll travel to twenty countries and send out podcasts documenting their adventures. Will they fight over the mosquito repellent? Get it on in an ancient monument? Only time will tell.