kids using tablet
When did you first give your child a smartphone?

Why Does My Kid Feel Entitled To A Cellphone?

Your son or daughter approaches you and begs for the latest cellphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop. Do you say "yes" and give in to their wants or do you hold out to teach them how to responsibly earn it on their own? More and more parents are giving into their kids' demands, and more and more kids are growing up into entitled adults. So how do we — as parents — stop the cycle?

technology and dating
Does connecting online create a false sense of intimacy?

Is Technology Ruining Dating?

With online dating sites, apps and social media, technology has undoubtedly changed the way we meet and fall in love. But with its benefits, technology has its downsides. How else has technology changed the dating scene?

typing on keyboard

Should You "Google" A First Date?

Blind dates are a thing of the past. In the digital age, it's so easy to find out everything about the person you're seeing before you even meet them, but is it an invasion of privacy? Where is the line between innocent surfing and cyberstalking?

man kissing girl on phone

Is Technology Hurting Your Relationship?

Cell phones, tablets, laptops, Playstations and DVRs are all things that can sometimes get in the way of face-to-face communication. If you actually enjoy talking to your mate, how do you get them to put down the latest Apple invention and focus their attention on you? In this video, YourTango expert and marriage educator, Sherry Amatenstein, gives tips to bringing your relationship back into 3D (that's real life). Forget posting on his wall and try "super poking" in person.