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Kids Crave Attention? 3 Ways To Put A Stop To That, STAT! [VIDEO]

It sometimes feels as if our kids will do anything to grab our attention, even if it means becoming a permanent fixture in our conversations. While there's nothing we love more than spending time with our children, constantly having to deal with inappropriate behavior (especially in front of an audience) drives us up the wall! Here's how to teach your kids that they need to be more patient and can't always be the center of attention.

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How Putting Your Kids' Needs First Can Hurt Your Marriage [VIDEO]

One of our top priorities is making sure that our children are not only properly cared for, but are healthy too. But if we're being totally honest, taking care of the kids 24/7 can be a bit draining. Even though it seems like we should be putting our kids' well-being before our own on a constant basis, it can actually start to take a toll on our marriage.

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Single & Ready To Mingle? How To Tell Your Kids You're Moving On

Dating after divorce isn't easy, but most of the time it's even harder for your kids. Regardless of whether you and your ex-spouse have been separated for awhile, the wound may still be fresh for your children; there's a possibility that your children are holding onto the hope that you'll get back together someday. Because it may be hard for them to grasp the fact that one of their parents may not be around at home anymore, treading carefully when it comes to introducing them to someone new is the best way to shield them from the pain of going through another loss. But just how soon is too soon to mention that you or your ex is dating again with your kids?

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How can I keep my identity?

Can I Be A Mom And Still Be Me?

Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in being the perfect mom and wife that you end up feeling as if you are losing yourself? How can you maintain your identity and still help your family thrive?

How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?
It's more than puppy love.

How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?

From the floating butterflies in your stomach to your sweaty palms, falling for someone new is a universal experience. Because of this, it's only natural to want to help your children put their best foot forward when it comes to confronting their crush. But what do you do when the heart racing feeling turns into heartache? If you're itching for tips on what to do when your child is hit by the lovebug and cupid's arrow misses, this parenting advice is foolproof!

How Do I Help My Teen Daughter Overcome Her Depression?
Don't worry.

How Can I Help My Daughter Overcome Her Depression?

Do you sometimes find it hard to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face after going through your mental checklist for the day? Are you constantly weighed down by stress to the point where you'd rather be left alone? If the answer to these questions are a resounding yes, don't worry; we've all been there. Everyone gets the blues now and again but what do you do if your daughter expresses the same feelings but in a much more dire way?

How Do I Get My Kid Off The iPad?
If you have to, be prepared to turn it off and run.

How Do I Get My Kid Off The iPad?

These days, kids are spending more of their time glued to their iPad and computer screens than spending time with their family. How can we get our kids to put down the iPad and not make it an issue every single time? Parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline offers helpful parenting tips on how to get your children to unplug themselves from the world of technology.

Parenting Tips: How Can I Become A Better Parent?
Be honest about wanting to spend time with your kids.

What Tips Can Make Me A Better Parent?

Parenting expert Tammy Nelson is joined by experts Rhona Berens, Miriam Kove, Barbara Becker Holstein and Tara Kennedy Klein to provide tips that will help parents better understand their kids, as well as help them better communicate their parental wants and needs.

child being bullied.
Her pain is your pain.

How Can I Save My Kid From Being Bullied?

Parenting Expert Sue Butler discusses what parents should do if their child is the victim of bullying. While it may seem like a good idea to suggest they hit back, there are other methods that will be safer alternative for your child. Watch the video to learn the three ways you can help your child avoid bullies.

All You Need Is Love: Gay Parenting Is Just Parenting [VIDEO]
Two dads, lots of love.

All You Need Is Love: Gay Parenting Is Just Parenting

As LGBT relationships fight for recognition in our country, people are starting to realize that there's nothing wrong with having a gay love story. But now, another topic is brought to the table: gay parenting. We explore the issue of raising kids as a gay parent — and if it should even be an issue at all.

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When did you first give your child a smartphone?

Why Does My Kid Feel Entitled To A Cellphone?

Your son or daughter approaches you and begs for the latest cellphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop. Do you say "yes" and give in to their wants or do you hold out to teach them how to responsibly earn it on their own? More and more parents are giving into their kids' demands, and more and more kids are growing up into entitled adults. So how do we — as parents — stop the cycle?