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Girls, Here's How To Keep Him Interested

When it comes to the dating field, it can sometimes be hard to find a guy who wants to same things that you do. The worst part is falling head over heels for a guy, only for him to turn around and change his mind. Seriously, is the chase the most important thing for men? Here's how to keep him interested without scaring him off.

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There's no such thing as "too fat to date."

Help! I'm Too Fat To Date

Have you recently gained weight? Are you wondering whether to lose weight before diving back into the dating scene? If so, help is on the way.

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Are you a single mom?

Dating Advice Every Single Mom Should Know

As a single mom, most of your time has been spent taking care of the kids and making sure that they get everything they need. But now that you're older and the kids are pretty much adults, the possibility of jumping back into the dating scene sounds really enticing. But even if you are ready to get back into the game, do you constantly worry about whether or not you're too old to be back on the market?

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Are all guys the same?

Seriously, Do All Guys Want Sex On The First Date?

Do you sometimes get the sense that all men are after one thing and one thing only? We know that not all guys are like that but it's hard to think otherwise when everything has been going wrong. How are we supposed to have an awesome first date with this constantly weighing on our minds? Ironically, looking at his name will give you a hint.

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Love on the run.

Why Do I Always Lose Myself In Relationships?

Being in a healthy and committed relationship is all about making sure to effectively communicate with your partner as well as listen to their emotional needs. But what happens when you begin to fall so deep in love that you forget to listen to what your own heart wants?

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How Can I Bounce Back Into Dating After Divorce?

After divorce, it isn't easy to get back into the dating game. You're so new to the whole process, that you may put it off or refuse to date entirely. However, putting yourself out there and seeing new people is one of the most important steps towards moving on.   Dating Coach Julianne Cantarella is here to guide you back into the world of dating.  In order to go on dates, you must find potential matches. Julianne suggests several ways in which you can meet a potential date.

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How Can I Let My Walls Down In A Relationship?

It is normal to be nervous about opening up to current or potential partners. However, you're not doing your love life any favors by never letting anyone in. Relationship coach Jasbina Ahluwalia offers insight on what causes you to be so cautious and how to let your guard down.

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Nervous about dating? Don't be.

Will Men Date Divorced Women?

In this video, image consultant, matchmaker and YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer explains that "there are no universal answers to [the] question" of whether men will date divorced women because, frankly, "it all depends on the guy."