Do women expect too much from men?
Do you have a 'list' of desired qualities in a guy?

Do Women Expect Too Much From Men?

We all know what we seek for in an ideal significant other. We have our wishlists and our drop-dead dealbreakers. But when it comes to relationships, are women's expectations too high?

How o Flirt Without Saying A Word
A lover's touch is a powerful aphrodisiac.

How To Flirt Without Saying A Word

Does it make you a little uneasy to just come right out and tell your man, "I want you"? Ever try a sexy come-hither stare only to have him ask if you've got something in your eye? Or do you just prefer to do all your talking in the bedroom? Welcome to the art of silent seduction.

Have A Super Romantic Date - At Home
If your favorite place to be is in your partner's arms, this is the date night for you.

Have A Super Romantic Date — At Home

Make a reservation for the sexiest spot in town — your bedroom. Or your living room ... wherever you love to cozy up with your partner. That’s right; it’s time to trade Tuesday date night withyour DVR and Victoria's Secret pajama pants for dancing with your man in the kitchen to smooth Barry White jams.

Why Romance Is Dependent On Surprise
Surprise! There are so many ways to keep your relationship from becoming ho-hum.

Why Romance Benefits From An Element Of Surprise

Did you ever meet one of those couples that boast about how they still keep things lively in the bedroom, even after a million years of marriage? Did you ever believe them? If not, let YourTango Expert Esther Perel convince you that it may be time for a change of heart.