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The #1 Way To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship [VIDEO]

Even though falling in love can be really easy, making things work can be really hard sometimes. Being in a relationship isn't just about going on dates and spending time together. Being able to really connect with your significant other can make the difference between a healthy relationship and a strained one. In fact, if you seriously want the love, as well as the spiritual and emotional connection between you and your partner, to last, working hard to maintain your relationship is key.

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The REAL Way To Mix Business & Pleasure [VIDEO]

Ladies, we can all admit that our work lives sometimes go a little smoother than our love lives. At least business has some sort of formula that we can follow in order to succeed; when it comes to relationships, everything is pretty much a free for all. Trying to figure out how we can be successful both in our professional lives and our love lives can be seriously frustrating.

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Why Having A "Type" Isn’t Doing You Any Favors [VIDEO]

We're pretty sure that we all have a "type". But if you've noticed that all of your relationships end in the same way, you may want to reevaluate how you approach to the dating game. Seriously, while having a type can have its perks, it can also hurt your love life. In fact, dating the same type of person pretty much sets us up for failure.

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How To Stop Trust Issues From Ruining Your Love Life [VIDEO]

It's safe to say that we're all a little cautious when it comes to dating and putting ourselves out there. If you've ever been burned by a past relationship, it's totally understandable (and normal) to want to play things safe so you can avoid getting hurt again. But even though there's a chance that this bad dating experience can affect your love life and make you feel weary about trusting someone new, it isn't definite. If your partner has ever accused you of having trust issues, there are a couple of things you need to think about before you jump to any conclusions.

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Ladies, Put Down Your Wallets & Let HIM Pay For Your Date [VIDEO]

Based on our own dating experiences, we know that a lot of mystery usually surrounds the first date. From wondering what to wear and whether or not you should dutch, trying to figure out the right protocol for your date can be super frustrating and stressful. So, we're here to give it to you straight and make things a bit easier. If you're ever unsure about if you should pay on your first date, here's the answer made simple.

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The Real Deal On How To Stay In Love (Says Science) [VIDEO]

Trying to figure out why certain things affect our love lives and how we can fix them isn't always easy. If we think about it, love is such a major force that trying to comprehend why we fall in love and how we choose our partners would take a lifetime. After all, knowing why our relationship didn't work out is easy; understanding how we can make things go right is the real battle. But according to author Sue Johnson's book Love Sense, in spite of the fact that romantic love can seem unmeasurable (and pretty scary), there's a certain science to romantic love.

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Why You Shouldn't Change Yourself Just To Meet Mr. Right [VIDEO]

So, we're pretty sure that we've all been told that if we want to find the perfect guy, we have to be willing to work on ourselves. Even though that is sound advice (when taken in the right context), it can get pretty out of hand. For starters, is there even such thing as being "perfect"? What's even worse is that the common misconception that the only way to find the right person who will want to date you is to completely change who you are can be really hurtful to our love lives because it doesn't really encourage us to put our best feet forward. Love isn't about pretending to be someone you're not.

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How To Deal When Your Mom Nags You For Being Single [VIDEO]

There's no doubt that we love our parents. But we can admit that they can sometimes be a bit insufferable, especially when it comes to our love lives. Even though it's incredibly sweet that our parents are so invested in making sure that we find love and settle down with the right person, the pressure can end up becoming super intense. To be honest, having them constantly cross the line is just plain frustrating. Just because we're single doesn't mean that we aren't actively looking (or that we need the help). Now, convincing our mothers that we're happy with our lives (not to mention saying that without it coming across in a really negative way) is the hard part.

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Should You Ever Lower Your Standards Just To Find Love? [VIDEO]

It's no secret that women are told that their expectations for love are way to high on a daily basis. For some reason, people interpret being cautious in the dating field as a sign that women have a fear of settling—As if we are so afraid that our guy won't live up to their expections that we would rather put up a wall. Well, we're here to debunk that myth.

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7 Ways To Nail Your First Date (And Get Your Flirt On)! [VIDEO]

Trying to shake off our nerves that just won't seem to go away as we get ready for a first date can be pretty hard (not to mention frustrating). From figuring out what to wear to where we should meet up, jumping right into the dating field sometimes feels way more complicated than it should be. It doesn't matter if we're testing out the waters for the first time or are total pros at the game, we could all use some tips on how to have the perfect date (that'll hopefully lead to more).

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How Chivalry Can Either Help OR Hurt Your Relationship [VIDEO]

When we think of the word chivalry, the first word that usually comes to mind isn't equality. Ever since we were kids, we've been taught that being chivalrous involves your guy holding the door for you and offering to buy dinner. Despite popular belief, chivalry isn't just about men taking care of women. In fact, it should go a little deeper than that!