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Want A Second Date? Avoid THIS In Your Online Profile [VIDEO]

Nowadays, figuring out what to write on your dating profile is ten times harder than coming up with something to say when you actually meet. There are so many rules that tackle the best way fill out your profile (that range from brilliant to just plain ridiculous) that it's hard to gauge which ones really work, especially if you're new to the online dating game. Here's the one thing you should NEVER reveal on your profile.

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BEWARE Lying About This Will Ruin Your Online Dating Life [VIDEO]

After being out of the dating game for so long, it can feel pretty invigorating when you finally get a message from that guy you've been eying for a while. Naturally, you start panicking over whether he'll like you once he gets to know you so you lie to. After all, what's one little fib going to hurt in the grand scheme of things? But online dating is tough enough as it is without having to deal with the added pressure of keeping up the deceit. Here's why lying about your age will end up destroying your chances at finding love.

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5 Ways You Ruined Your First Date (Without Even Knowing) [VIDEO]

One thing that is pretty much a universal truth is that a first date can either be the best thing to ever happen to you—or the absolute worst. It doesn't matter how long you've been talking to your date or how well you've gotten to know each other; the minute you slip up, it's game over. Here are the first date mistakes you make that sabotage your chance at finding love.

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If I'm Such A Great Catch, Why The H*ll Am I Single? [VIDEO]

So you've always had a healthy self-esteem and are incredibly confident in both your personal and work life. And when it comes to dating, you have no problem playing the field and yet you're still single. Whenever you find someone who you genuinely connect with and want to take things further, he either pulls a disappearing act or changes his mind—leaving you back to square one. These are the REAL reasons why you're still single.

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Here's How To Embrace Your Singlehood Starting NOW [VIDEO]

One thing that we'll never understand is why people assume that just because we're single, it automatically means that we're unhappy, lonely or inexperienced. Excuse us if we forgot the memo but when did not having a boyfriend become synonymous with being miserable? For some reason, everyone thinks that if we actively enjoy our singlehood, we should just say goodbye to ever finding someone. If you've ever found yourself in our eyes, here's how you can embrace your single status without losing your cool.

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Yikes! Can Being Needy REALLY Destroy Your Relationship? [VIDEO]

There are definitely plenty of times where we've felt insecure in our relationships. Even though we've FINALLY found someone who just gets us, flaws and all, those pesky doubts still manage to worm their way in and cause us to pretty much question everything about our relationship. Here's how to tell whether you are too co-dependent in your relationship.

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5 Surefire Ways To Snag The Perfect Guy Offline [VIDEO]

Even though there are a lot of perks to being single, we have to say that there's a part of us that craves romance. But what frustrates us the most is when we meet someone that we click with after trying online dating...only for it to end up being a total disaster. Here's how you can find the perfect guy without resorting to online dating.

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The Real Reason You're Attracted To Dirtbags [VIDEO]

Let's be honest. We don't know about you but we've definitely had our fair share of relationships that were pretty much doomed to fail from the very beginning, regardless of who was really at fault. And yet, for some strange reason, we keep finding ourselves back in the same types of relationships with the same kinds of men. So, what gives? Why are we so attracted to dating terrible men?

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If you want to find love, you've got to stop settling for Mr. Right Now.

Why You Should Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve

For some reason, people usually think that the older they get, the less chances there are for them to find their love. We're here to tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth! It doesn't matter if you've hit the 30, 40, or 50 benchmark; when it really comes down to it, rushing into dating someone just for the sake of having boyfriend or girlfriend won't do you any favors. Just because you're getting older doesn't mean that you have to settle for with Mr. Right Now when the right guy is out there. Loneliness should never be an excuse to stay in a relationship if you're just not into it.

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The Real Reason Your Relationship Is Filled With Drama [VIDEO]

It's pretty much a given that we will all run into drama at some point in our lives. Although we likely don't seek it out, drama eventually finds us. This is painfully true when it comes to relationships. That just leads us to the following questions: Why do some people always find themselves in 'dramatic' relationships? Why do minor issues turn into life-or-death struggles for some of us?

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How Body Language Can Up Your Dating Game (Says Science) [VIDEO]

So we've probably all heard this before but how you carry yourself can make a major impact on how the world sees you. We get it. But for some reason, we don't take that into consideration when it comes to our love and sex life. As crazy as it may sound, your body language can totally make the difference in just how well you get along with your partner (if you catch our drift).

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Let's Cut The B.S. The Biggest Reason You Scared Him Off [VIDEO]

We don't think there's ever been a time where we didn't wonder whether anything we said or did contributed to our dates ending in a disaster. You would think that after going on so many first dates (from blind dates, setups to online dating), there'd be at least ONE guy who was the perfect fit. So, what gives? Here's how you may have scared him away!

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How To Fight For What You Deserve (Without Being Needy) [VIDEO]

It probably goes without saying but when you're in a relationship (especially with someone that you really love and trust), being able to ask for what you need is incredibly vital. Seriously, there is no question that this level of trust that comes with believing that your partner is giving enough to take your needs into consideration can make or break relationships. Here's why your wants and needs are arguably two of the biggest things that you should discuss with your partner.