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How To Deal When Your Mom Nags You For Being Single [VIDEO]

There's no doubt that we love our parents. But we can admit that they can sometimes be a bit insufferable, especially when it comes to our love lives. Even though it's incredibly sweet that our parents are so invested in making sure that we find love and settle down with the right person, the pressure can end up becoming super intense. To be honest, having them constantly cross the line is just plain frustrating. Just because we're single doesn't mean that we aren't actively looking (or that we need the help). Now, convincing our mothers that we're happy with our lives (not to mention saying that without it coming across in a really negative way) is the hard part.

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Getting Older? You Don't Need Him To Put A Ring On It [VIDEO]

There's no question that the older you get, the pressure to be in a committed relationship or get married by a certain age will pretty much have a constant presence in your life. But do you really have to have a boyfriend on your birthday just because the big 4-0 [insert fabulous age] has rolled around? Contrary to popular belief, your shelf life has not expired.

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Do you know *exactly* what kind of partner you're looking for?

Should I Stick To My List Of Must-Haves For Dating?

Do you know exactly what kind of partner you're looking for? While it's almost always wise to know what you want, some experts insist that having a list of criteria for your future mate only sets you up for failure. After all, no one will ever meet every single standard ... or will they?

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What Is The One Piece Of Advice All Single Women Need?

The #1 Piece Of Advice All Single Ladies Need To Hear

Alright ladies, when it comes to the search for love, there are some things that us gals need to know. If you've been in a major slump because you can't crack the code on how to get a boyfriend, we're going to have to stop right there. Before you can find someone who accepts you for who you are, you have to learn how to accept yourself. After all, self love and confidence really do go a long way!

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Dating: Should I Give This Guy A Second Chance?

Was the first date only "okay"? Are you looking for fireworks as a sign he is worthy of your time? Well, don't! You could be missing out on a really good guy. 13 Reasons Women Turn Down A Second Date In this video, YourTango experts and relationship coaches Orna and Matthew Walters say, "It's always worth a second date." Even though the sparks might not fly the first time around, a second date might be a chance to learn if he could be y