Sex Educator Advice: Is Sex Addiction Real? [VIDEO]
No matter what you call it, sex addiction can drive a wedge between your relationship.

Is Sex Addiction A 'Real' Problem?

There's been a lot of discussion about sex addiction lately: What is it? Is it real? Is it curable? Our relationship experts and therapists tackle this tricky subject in an honest and candid video for YourTango.

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My Husband Was Addicted To Porn; What If He Relapses?

Sex Video: My Husband Was Addicted To Porn

In this video, Relationship Expert and YourTango Expert Janie Lacy helps a reader whose husband struggled with an addiction to porn and sex in the past. Now that he's recovered, she's nervous that one day he may resort back to his old habits. She's also concerned that this addiction will be passed down to their son.