single on valentine's day

Love: Single on Valentine's Day!

No significant other on Febraury 14? What should a single person do on the most romantic holiday of the year? Don’t worry; YourTango’s got you covered. In this episode of On the Couch, Catie Lazarus coaches you on how to enjoy a holiday seemingly built for couples. “Valentine’s Day is geared to make people feel bad,” we learn.

Keeping Romance Alive

Keeping Romance Alive [VIDEO]

There comes a point in every relationship when the romance is not what it used to be. Couples can do a number of things to get more romantic including sexy clothes, therapy, or just anything that makes them feel alive. Catie Lazarus checks in with her therapists and finds out how to get the magic back on this video episode of "On The Couch".

Is Your Man a "Vader Dater?"

Is Your Man a "Vader Dater?" [VIDEO]

  YourTango's Love Lexicon is a dating dictionary with all the words you need to date and mate in 2008. This episode: Vader dater, mac daddy, and briefing. Love Lexicon's Geek Chic Edition, where geek love is totally chic!