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Ladies, Here's The #1 Thing That Guys Find Super Sexy [VIDEO]

Ladies, we've got to be honest with you. It goes without saying that trying to find the right guy to settle down with can be super frustrating. It doesn't help that this whole idea of falling head over heels for Prince Charming and waiting for him to sweep us off our feet is pretty unrealistic. The crazy thing is that we become SO dedicated to finding love that we forget that just because we're in a relationship doesn't mean that we can't have our own life. In fact, having something that we love to do is super sexy!

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How You Can STAY In Love (Says Science) [VIDEO]

There's no question that falling in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But that doesn't mean that it can't get complicated from time to time. What's really interesting is that there is actually science behind how we fall in love, as well as why some relationships are more successful (not to mention more fulfilling) than others.

The Biggest Challenge For Long Term Relationships [VIDEO]
You can weather even the worst storm if you work at cultivating your relationship.

Discover The Biggest Challenge For Married Couples

If you're struggling with communication in your relationship, you're not alone. In a new video, love and relationship expert John Gray discusses the biggest challenges for people in long term relationships — and how to overcome them.

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Ugh. Different relationship, same guy.

How Do I Break Out Of Bad Relationship Patterns?

When we fall in love, we oftentimes have a hard time being objective about our own relationships — and that's when we can fall back into old patterns. For a lot of women, these patterns aren't working for them. So how can you break out of them?

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Seriously? Are you even listening to me?

Are You A Martyr? Do You Do Too Much For Everyone Else?

Do you do everything for your husband and kids? You feel like you over-commit. You give up everything for your relationship and get nothing in return. Do you wonder how to get your needs taken care of and not let down those around you? If so, help is on the way.

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Is the stress of trying to "have it all" getting to you?

Can Women Have It All Without Sacrificing Love?

As a modern woman, you want it all: a house, money, a healthy relationship, kids, a great job and a supportive circle of family and friends. Do you ever wonder if it's possible to have it all and be happy?

When In A Relationship Do You Need To Disclose Everything?
Should you tell him on a first date or six months down the line?

When In A Relationship Do You Need To Disclose Everything?

When we fall in love, everything seems so simple. We want to be with someone and that someone wants to be with you too. But unfortunately, the rest of life isn't as simple as all that. We're entangled in other committments whether it be our jobs, our kids and other family matters. So at what point do you owe it to a new partner to give full disclosure of your past? And at what point should you expect the same in return?

How Can Women Trust Themselves More?
Do you have trouble opening up in a new relationship?

How Can Women Trust Themselves More?

Many women say they have a difficult time trusting themselves in their relationships with men between vulnerability, intimacy and sex. So how can we allow ourselves to be more trusting of men?

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You're upset, but you'll go back to him in the end.

Why Do Women Stay In Terrible Relationships?

Does this scenario look all too familiar to you? You fall in love (a little too quickly), you break up and then make up every other day, but despite your on-again, off-again romance, you can't seem to pull away. Why do so many women stay in bad relationships like this?