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Don't fret!

Can We Really Make Our Love Last Forever?

Marriage can be like riding a jeep on an off-road adventure: bumpy and sometimes long winded. But if you're looking for ways to keep your relationship strong and fresh for a lifetime, the key to enjoying the ride has finally arrived. In fact, according to this marriage educator, it isn't as hard as you may think!

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Twitter love.

Can Twitter Advice Save Your Relationship?

Uh oh, Alice is NOT pleased when she seen the late-night mayhem that Timmy has wreaked on Facebook, the Electric Friendship Generator. In fact, she thinks jejune Timmy may have done some work outside of their relationship (yep, suspected infidelity). Not sure what to do, she goes to Twitter to ask for some advice. Is crowd-sourcing relationship advice smart?

Alice Johnson with dog
Alice has a new pet; will Timmy be jealous?

Your Dog Could Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

In this next installment of the Electronic Picture Diaries, things may not go over well when Timmy finds out that Alice has a new furry friend in her life. Can getting a pet spark jealousy in your relationship?

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The 5 Commandments Of Breaking Up With Your Ex

Years ago, in the pre-internet age, getting over an ex was pretty straightforward. You stopped calling him, avoided places he might be, and gave back that comfy sweatshirt you loved sleeping in. Nowadays, breaking up is a lot more complicated—Facebook and Twitter provide you with up-to-the-minute details about your ex's new life; your cellphone is full of picture of you two together; your iTunes playlist still houses the "For My Greatest Love" playlist. These and other digital reminders make it virtually impossible to move on.

Why Can't I Find A Relationship?

Why Can't I Find A Relationship?

One frustrated YourTango user has tried it all from online dating to setups. She wants to settle down and doesn't know why she's not meeting someone. Watch the video to learn Dr. Diana's expert advice for how to improve a so-so love life.

5 Guys Talk About Sex: What's Sexy, What's Scary

5 Guys Talk About Sex: What's Sexy, What's Scary [VIDEO]

Have you ever wished that you could know what was going on in your partner's mind? Want to find the secret to keeping the passion alive? Well, you're in luck because it's time for some serious guy talk! What turns these guys on? I bet you'd never guess that it isn't as simple as watching pornography! In this installment of the "That's What He Said" series, the guys vent on juicy topics such as experimentation, dirty talk, and a special "bedtime story" from Rich (aka, What NOT to Tell Your Grandkids!).