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How Can I Bounce Back Into Dating After Divorce?

After divorce, it isn't easy to get back into the dating game. You're so new to the whole process, that you may put it off or refuse to date entirely. However, putting yourself out there and seeing new people is one of the most important steps towards moving on.   Dating Coach Julianne Cantarella is here to guide you back into the world of dating.  In order to go on dates, you must find potential matches. Julianne suggests several ways in which you can meet a potential date.

How Do I Get My Husband To Stop Being So Selfish? [VIDEO]
Is your man selfish?

Help! My Husband Is SO Selfish!

Do you feel like your man only cares about himself? Are you tired of him being selfish and not pulling his own weight in the relationship? If so, relationship coach, marriage and family therapist and YourTango Expert Sheryl Woodhouse can help.

The Number One Thing Men Find Attractive [VIDEO]
The Number One Thing Men Find Attractive

The Number One Thing Men Find Attractive

Are you worried that your man doesn't find you attractive anymore? Do you find yourself looking for different ways to turn him on like you used to? In this video, Relationship Coach and YourTango Expert LiYana Silver dishes the secret of what men are most attracted to in a woman. Contrary to popular belief, physical attraction isn't the only aspect that goes into keeping his attention.

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Are you often disappointed in men?

Are My High Expectations Setting Me Up For Failure?

Dating and relationships can be tough to navigate. You want to meet the right man for you, but you fear that your high expectations are setting you on a course towards failure and loneliness. Can you truly hold onto what you're looking for in a relationship without driving men away? Is there a way to really "have it all?"

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Are you too guarded?

Help! My Emotional Walls Are Keeping Me From Finding Love

If having your heart broken has caused you to put up emotional walls, it can be difficult to open up to a new relationship. Letting someone in is the last thing you want to do when you know it might only end in heartache. In this video, Dating Coach, Matchmaker and YourTango Expert Jasbina Ahluwalia explains how to let your guard down and let love in.