How Can Women Trust Themselves More?
Do you have trouble opening up in a new relationship?

How Can Women Trust Themselves More?

Many women say they have a difficult time trusting themselves in their relationships with men between vulnerability, intimacy and sex. So how can we allow ourselves to be more trusting of men?

couple far away on couch
You're upset, but you'll go back to him in the end.

Why Do Women Stay In Terrible Relationships?

Does this scenario look all too familiar to you? You fall in love (a little too quickly), you break up and then make up every other day, but despite your on-again, off-again romance, you can't seem to pull away. Why do so many women stay in bad relationships like this?

Do women expect too much from men?
Do you have a 'list' of desired qualities in a guy?

Do Women Expect Too Much From Men?

We all know what we seek for in an ideal significant other. We have our wishlists and our drop-dead dealbreakers. But when it comes to relationships, are women's expectations too high?

The differences between men and women
What's the difference between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?

How Different Are Men And Women Really?

Twenty years ago, John Gray's best-selling book 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' got both sexes talking about whether we are, in fact, all that different. So how are we different—biologically, psychologically and emotionally—and how do those difference affect our relationships with each other?

will swinging wreck my marriage?
Would you swap partners with another couple?

Will Swinging Wreck My Marriage?

If you find yourself really intrigued by the idea of swinging with another couple, that doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you. Even though you may be worried that it will hurt your marriage, the only way to know if your partner is okay with polyamory is to just ask!

How To Introduce Something New In Bed
Explore new ways to please each other.

How To Introduce Something New In Bed

Is this a familiar scenario? You're feeling adventurous and even a little frisky, so you want to try something new ... maybe it's a toy or a new sex position or something you read out of "Fifty Shades Of Grey." The only problem is, you have no idea how to suggest it to your partner.

an angry couple
How do you figure out why your spouse is so angry all the time?

Is Anger Destroying Your Marriage?

Is your relationship on the rocks because of your spouse's anger? Do you fear that all of this fighting is going to destroy your marriage? If so, help is on the way.

man thinking in bed
There's someone in the way of your new relationship ... and it's an ex from his past.

Is Your Boyfriend Not Over His Ex?

Are you in a relationship with someone who doesn't seem to be over his/her ex? Are you worried that your new significant other will go back to the ex? If so, help is on the way.

Why Romance Is Dependent On Surprise
Surprise! There are so many ways to keep your relationship from becoming ho-hum.

Why Romance Benefits From An Element Of Surprise

Did you ever meet one of those couples that boast about how they still keep things lively in the bedroom, even after a million years of marriage? Did you ever believe them? If not, let YourTango Expert Esther Perel convince you that it may be time for a change of heart.