upset couple at dinner
Will we ever be able to agree to disagree peacefully?

Why Do My Husband And I Keep Having The Same Fight?

Do you find yourselves having the same fight over and over? How can you effectively communicate with your partner without going to bed angry? Relationship expert John Gray is joined by YourTango experts Bonnie Eaker Weil, Christine Baumgartner, Tammy Nelson and Susan Campbell to discuss the possible reasons why you and your husband are constantly fighting.

alice and timmy watching TV
I don't know, what do you want to watch?

Is This Favorite Pastime Ruining Your Relationship?

Alice and Timmy seem to have the perfect life BUT their TV habits and tastes are not in alignment. And it's tearing their relationship apart. Watch as these two lovable 1950s characters manage their DVR space, taste in programs and SPOILER alerts. Maybe TiVo can keep Alice and Timmy from getting a one-way ticket to Splitsville.

woman jealous of couple
Um, get your own coffee.

Relationship Coach: Is A Little Jealousy So Wrong?

Jealousy is never about just one thing; in relationships, it can often indicate that there are deeper issues at play. Listen up to this relationship coach advice if you've ever wondered: can a healthy amount of jealousy ever be good for you?

gay pride rainbow balloon hearts
Celebrate all love. Photo: Guillaume Paumier, Flickr.

Can There Really Be Cons To Gay Marriage?

The right for the LGBT community to marry has opened up a national conversation about homosexuality and gay rights. But these experts wonder if success can be measured in such a cut-and-dry way. What's the REAL deal on gay marriage?

couple on horses
"I'll ride my own white horse, thankyouverymuch."

Do Women Really Just Want To Be Saved?

Interdependent? Great! Codependent? Not so much. Here's some relationship and dating coach advice about the danger of relying on a man to fix you. Your guy should be the icing on your cake — not the entire thing.

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Stop Googling him!

Why You Really Need To Delete Your Ex From Facebook

A breakup typically means moving out and moving on, but there's one way we still stay connected to our ex: through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Are you obsessively checking your ex's profile? Watch this video first, and then step away from the computer!

cat and dog
It was love at first sight!

Does Compatibility Even Matter?

We've all felt that crazy attraction toward someone new. But when the passion fades, what if you realize you're not even really compatible? Here's some relationship expert advice to help you figure out when to move on — and when to make it work.

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These two have got it all figured out.

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

Monogamous couples often find that their relationships get better and better over time. But in some ways, being in a committed partnership is harder than ever. How do successful couples work through the drama and make monogamy work for them?

couple with moving boxes
It's all fun and games until you start fighting for space on the bookshelf.

Is Marriage Worth It If You're Already Cohabiting?

Are there big differences between cohabiting and being married? If you're living together, you may assume nothing will change if you say "I do". This panel offers relationship expert advice about moving in and shacking up.

The Biggest Challenge For Long Term Relationships [VIDEO]
You can weather even the worst storm if you work at cultivating your relationship.

Discover The Biggest Challenge For Married Couples

If you're struggling with communication in your relationship, you're not alone. In a new video, love and relationship expert John Gray discusses the biggest challenges for people in long term relationships — and how to overcome them.

Relationship Expert: Best Love Advice [VIDEO]
Ask the right questions now to avoid divorce later!

Walking Down The Aisle? The #1 Mistake You Must Avoid Making

Diving into marriage is a big deal, and you should make sure you're ready. What's the biggest mistake couples make before they get married... and what's the best advice for avoiding it? Not only is this relationship advice for women who are getting ready to walk down the aisle foolproof, it will make sure you have a long-lasting and healthy marriage.