Dating Expert John Gray On Your Christian Grey Obsession [VIDEO]
Don't worry, no one knows what you're reading.

Obsessed With Christian Grey? It's Not Your Fault

Women are attracted to dangerous men, in real life and to literary characters like '50 Shades' heartthrob Christian Grey. Relationship expert John Gray explains why, and the reason might surprise you: it's scientific!

woman yelling at man
Can you really hear your spouse over all that noise?

Marriage: Turn Conflict Into Marital Bliss

Does it seem like you're always fighting with your spouse? In a new video for YourTango, a marriage therapist explains why this is so common, and offers tips for how to resolve issues while keeping the love alive.

couple arguing
Seriously? Are you even listening to me?

Are You A Martyr? Do You Do Too Much For Everyone Else?

Do you do everything for your husband and kids? You feel like you over-commit. You give up everything for your relationship and get nothing in return. Do you wonder how to get your needs taken care of and not let down those around you? If so, help is on the way.

stressed woman
Is the stress of trying to "have it all" getting to you?

Can Women Have It All Without Sacrificing Love?

As a modern woman, you want it all: a house, money, a healthy relationship, kids, a great job and a supportive circle of family and friends. Do you ever wonder if it's possible to have it all and be happy?

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Why Do Women Cheat?

If you've ever caught your significant other cheating, you know: the pain is unbearable. So how do you know why someone has an affair instead of resolving the issues directly in our relationships? If so, help is on the way.

When In A Relationship Do You Need To Disclose Everything?
Should you tell him on a first date or six months down the line?

When In A Relationship Do You Need To Disclose Everything?

When we fall in love, everything seems so simple. We want to be with someone and that someone wants to be with you too. But unfortunately, the rest of life isn't as simple as all that. We're entangled in other committments whether it be our jobs, our kids and other family matters. So at what point do you owe it to a new partner to give full disclosure of your past? And at what point should you expect the same in return?