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YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer tells you just what to look for online!

How To Spot Mr. Right's Online Dating Profile

Is it possible to know if a guy is right for you just by looking at his online dating profile? According to Dating Coach, Matchmaker and YourTango Expert Kimberly Seltzer, the answer is yes!

How Can I Tell If My Relationship Will Last? [VIDEO]
Has your marriage hit a dead end?

How Can I Tell If My Relationship Will Last?

Isn't it strange how sometimes couples who seem perfect together break up, while couples who seem completely mismatched can last a lifetime? It makes you wonder: is there any rhyme or reason for how relationships turn out? In this video, Relationship Coach, Author and YourTango Expert Shela Dean discusses the warning signs that indicate whether a relationship is destined for long-term success.