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Is it possible for him to only have eyes for you?

Let’s Be Real, Is It Impossible To Be Monogamous?

Monogamy has been a controversial topic for quite some time. While some insist that monogamy is unnatural and outdated, other skeptics reject the overall notion of falling in love with and committing to just one person, going as far as to say that the state of monogamy is entirely impossible. Is being in a monogamous relationship really that difficult?

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These two have got it all figured out.

What Makes Monogamous Couples Tick?

Monogamous couples often find that their relationships get better and better over time. But in some ways, being in a committed partnership is harder than ever. How do successful couples work through the drama and make monogamy work for them?

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He's Having Sex With Someone Else on Saturday

Do you know what polyamory is? It's the idea of loving more than 1 person at a time. We meet a couple of polyamorists and learn about their relationship and the nature of open relationship. YourTango goes to the street and finds out what the deal is with polyamory.