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Are you concerned about infidelity?

Adultery: The Secret Behind Why Men Cheat

Are you worried that he isn't being faithful? Do you want the secret to the male psyche? If you think he's cheating because he's not happy with your sex life, you're sorely mistaken!  In this instructional sex video, YourTango expert LiYana Silver ends the misconception that sex is behind every man's infidelity. Current research has indicated that there are many elements that factor into cheating.

I Caught My Man Looking At Porn. Is He Cheating? [VIDEO]
If he loves me, why would he watch pornography? Find out in this instructional sex video.

I Caught My Man Looking At Porn. Is He Cheating?

While we might expect teenage boys to stash dirty magazines under their beds, the same cannot be said about grown men in committed relationships. But what if you found out your boyfriend or husband had a dirty little secret hiding on his computer? Would you feel betrayed to learn that his teenage habit had extended into his adulthood?

Why Do Men Always Change After Sex?
Why Do Men Always Change After Sex?

Sex Video: Why Do Men Always Change After Sex?

Why do so many women insist on waiting to have sex with someone they really like and connect with on a physical and personal level? We'd like to think that it's because some guys like to do this funny thing where they completely change their behavior and personality after the deed is done. Why is that?

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Do Men Really Prefer Bitches?

Why do men seem to be attracted to mean or bossy girls? If you're nice and considerate, is he going to grow bored of you? In this video, YourTango expert and Relationship Coach LiYana Silver dissects the allure of the "bitchy woman," and explains how you can create the same effect in a new or current relationship without being a ranting, raving, mean girl.