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Here's The Secret To Making Your Marriage Last [VIDEO]

Here's the cold, hard truth. Whether you've been married for thirty years or three, there may come a time where your marriage gets rocky down the line. It's happened countless times before: After the honeymoon stage is over, you either start feeling bored or unhappy with where your relationship is going. One of the biggest misconceptions peope have is that after you walk down the aisle, everything is smooth sailing from here on out. Here's the REAL secret to having a happy, healthy and long lasting marriage.

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Is THIS Really A Sign That Your Marriage Is In Trouble? [VIDEO]

Here's the deal. We all have moments where we're so weighed down by stress (and life in general) that it's hard to stay positive. Sometimes, it becomes so unbearable that you can't help but give in to those negative feelings. But the sad part is that even though it doesn't feel like it at the time, this eventually manifests in harmful ways—especially in your marriage. Here's how you can stop those pessimistic feelings from ruining your relationship!

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Is The Daily Grind Killing The Passion In Your Marriage? [VIDEO]

Your love for your husband is unrelenting, there's no question about it. But consistently being weighed down by the everyday grind of life has left your sex life feeling pretty nonexistent and your marriage unfulfilling. Let's face it. Even though you never thought that you could lose the intimacy you shared with your husband—or that bone melting satisfaction—the excitement has disappeared and now you're stuck in a sexless marriage with no way out. Here's how you can bring those sparks back into your marriage.

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Why Does Marriage Seem Harder Today Than Ever Before? [VIDEO]

Make no mistake: Being married has never been easy. But for some reason, it almost feels as if marriage is on a completely different playing field today. Constantly hitting a rough patch with your partner is one of the worst feelings in the world. Especially when you can't even pinpoint WHY those fights have become the norm. With the divorce rate skyrocketing to as high as fifty percent, here's the real reason why so many couples are calling it quits (and how you can save your marriage).

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If You Really Love Him, You'll Do This Before Divorce [VIDEO]

Whether you've been together for five months or five years, maintaining a happy and healthy relationship or marriage takes some serious work. From never ending shouting matches to giving the silent treatment, fighting all of the time can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. There's no question that all relationships need maintaining, but figuring out how to do it is sometimes easier said than done. Here's why couples therapy is the best option for you.

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5 Easy Hacks That'll Save Your Toxic Relationship, STAT! [VIDEO]

Being in a terrible relationship is horrible enough; having to go through the same experiences on more than one occasion (and with different people) is even more frustrating. There's nothing worse than falling in love with someone who really connects with you...only to discover that they have some less than desirable traits that are pretty much dealbreakers. You can only get drawn into so many fights and shouting matches before the bone crushing fatigue kicks in. These tips on how to fix (or let go of) a toxic relationship are just what the doctor ordered!

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Yikes! Does Fighting 24/7 Mean Your Marriage Is Over? [VIDEO]

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, only to immediately be pulled into a fight with your spouse over something that is so mundane—What's even worse is when you don't know why you're fighting in the first place! Because when the constant fights start to blend into each other, that's when you know that you have a major problem on your hands. Here's what you can do to save your marriage (and avoid divorce)!

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The Secret To A Happy Marriage Is THIS (Thank Us Later) [VIDEO]

Whether you are married now, have been married before or are getting ready to walk down the aisle, there's no doubt that being in a committed relationship takes a lot of work. It goes without saying that the only way to have a happy marriage is to put in the effort to make things work. But we're going to let you in on a little secret. While there definitely isn't a magic fixer button that you can press and it will automatically get you out of the constant arguments or miscommunication, there IS a way to ensure that you and your beau are on the same page.

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The #1 Way Your Marriage Can Survive After An Affair [VIDEO]

When it comes to relationships, there's a reason why one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is infidelity. There's nothing worse than being hit with betrayal, that loss of trust—especially when you never saw it coming. And we get it. Being able to devote yourself to your partner fully and love them unconditionally, only to have that bond thrown away so carelessly is just the worst. Here's how your marriage can heal after an affair.

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We love feeling secure in our relationships.

Why You're So Emotionally Attached To Him (Says Science) [VIDEO]

We spend our whole lives forming connections with the people around us; whether it's by talking to a stranger we normally pass on the street or falling in love with our soulmate, the strong bonds that we make throughout our lifetime shape who we are. According to recent studies, our attachment style actually has a major effect on our relationship!

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How To Deal When The Honeymoon Stage Is Over [VIDEO]

There's no question that maintaining a marriage is tough work. Despite what those movies would have you believe, marriage is not like a fairytale where everything just magically comes together. Not only is it ridiculously stressful at times, it takes two people to be willing to work at it in order for it to last. But that doesn't mean that having a happy and healthy relationship is impossible.

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What does normal look like, anyway?

Just What Is A Normal Marriage, Exactly? [VIDEO]

When it comes to love, wanting to know if your relationship is healthy (or just plain normal) is pretty natural. No matter how great things are going, there's always going to be a part of us that wonders if what we're experiencing is par for the course; being anxious is just in our nature. it doesn't help that we sometimes let this anxiety get to us, making us feel as if we have to compare our own marriage to everyone else's. But who knows what's supposed to happen? What does a normal marriage even look like, anyway?

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How Putting Your Kids' Needs First Can Hurt Your Marriage [VIDEO]

One of our top priorities is making sure that our children are not only properly cared for, but are healthy too. But if we're being totally honest, taking care of the kids 24/7 can be a bit draining. Even though it seems like we should be putting our kids' well-being before our own on a constant basis, it can actually start to take a toll on our marriage.