Dating Older Men

Dating Older Men [VIDEO]

Catie Lazarus explores the dynamics of dating and age. Dating younger women is something that men have done since the dawn of time but what do people think about the other way around? Also is there a male equivalent of a cougar?

Is Your Man a "Vader Dater?"

Is Your Man a "Vader Dater?" [VIDEO]

  YourTango's Love Lexicon is a dating dictionary with all the words you need to date and mate in 2008. This episode: Vader dater, mac daddy, and briefing. Love Lexicon's Geek Chic Edition, where geek love is totally chic!

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Marriage: Should I Take His Last Name?

Traditionally, a woman takes a man’s name after marriage. Is this practice outdated? Should a woman take her husband's last name? What about him taking her name? How many syllables are appropriate for a hyphenation? In this episode of On the Couch, host Catie Lazarus hits the streets to debate this name game. While some say it’s a good way to boost a man’s ego, others question the importance of adopting a new last name.

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Is Your Boyfriend Too Hairy?

How important is male grooming? Should eyebrows be tweezed? And what about back hair? Is it a good idea to wax it? Or does some hair make him more of a man? YourTango takes this question to the streets to find out if women like men with back hair.