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Have you given him your key? [VIDEO]

When is it the best time to give someone your house key? This question is about trust and communication. And YourTango finds out some interesting things as we take it to the streets and find out when people are comfortable with handing our their house key.

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Do you snoop on his email? [VIDEO]

Have you ever checked your partner's email without his/her knowledge? Does he have your passwords? Is it okay to listen to your significant other's voice mails? Where is the line between intimacy and honesty when it comes to personal, private communication. YourTango takes it to the street to find out what you think about your and your partner's right to privacy.

Relationship Red Flags

Relationship Red Flags [VIDEO]

Everyone has flaws they can't put up with in a partner. What are the red flags that women know will sink a relationship? YourTango takes it to the street to find out what deal breakers women have.