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Same Love: Why Doesn't Coming Out Get Better With Age?

Although a lot of progress has been made in the fight for equality, coming out of the closet is still a hard experience to go through. Telling friends and family members that you're gay is tough under the best of circumstances — Can you imagine doing so when you're an older adult?

Homosexuality: Process Of Coming Out To Friends & Family [VIDEO]
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The Coming Out Process: What Should I Expect?

Homosexuality and coming out of the closet is a hot topic, especially for those who struggling in secrecy. It can be a trying and emotional time and it's beneficial to have an understanding support system. YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman is joined by life coaches Frankie Bashan, Mary Malia, Rick Clemons, JJ. Cameron Gantt to discuss the journey of coming out and what you can do to make your experience as comfortable for yourself as possible.

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Real Talk About Gay Marriage

The right for the LGBT community to marry has opened up a national conversation about homosexuality and gay rights. But these experts wonder if success can be measured in such a cut-and-dry way. What's the REAL deal on gay marriage?

I Found Gay Porn On My Husband's Computer [VIDEO]
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I Found Gay Porn On My Husband's Computer

In this instructional sex video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Dr. Joe Kort explains what it means — and what it doesn't mean — when you learn that your husband has spent time searching the web for homosexually explicit content.

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Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Are you and your ex trying out friendship post-breakup? Is it even possible to stay friends with your ex? And if so, is it the smart thing to do? In this episode of The LoveFeed, host Allison Castillo reviews Divine Caroline's four-way take – input from a gay man and woman and a straight man and woman - on staying friends with your ex.