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The #1 Reason Why You Need To Stop Trying To Change Him [VIDEO]

If we're being totally honest with ourselves, we've all had that moment where even though we really liked someone, we still managed to find things about them that we wanted to change. The problem with dating someone because of their potential is that we're not getting to know who they really are. It goes without saying that there's no magic marker that will get rid of all your partner's quirks. If you really love someone, why would you want to change him?

What Is THE Best Dating Advice You've Ever Heard?
Clink glasses to a new love life!

What Is THE Best Dating Advice You've Ever Heard?

If you've ever been single (which is essentially, everyone), you know that the dating world can be an intimidating, heartbreaking place. But it can also be where you find the love of your life (and, at the very least, a fun fling or two). So what are the tips that every single woman needs to know?

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Are we exclusive or what?

When Can I Call Him My Boyfriend?

While our moms tell stories of formal courtship, dating today is a whole different ballgame. There are no official rules we all abide by, and sometimes, it can be tough to tell where things are headed. If you've been dating someone for a little while without putting labels on your relationship, you may wonder whether it's safe to consider him your significant other — or if maybe he isn't so significant after all.

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Do you know *exactly* what kind of partner you're looking for?

Should I Stick To My List Of Must-Haves For Dating?

Do you know exactly what kind of partner you're looking for? While it's almost always wise to know what you want, some experts insist that having a list of criteria for your future mate only sets you up for failure. After all, no one will ever meet every single standard ... or will they?