Online Dating: What You're Doing Wrong [VIDEO]
Feeling frustrated?

Online Dating: What You're Doing Wrong

If you've tried online dating and had nothing but bad luck, you might find it confusing when you hear all the success stories about people meeting the loves of their lives online. You may begin to wonder 'What am I doing wrong?!'

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Are you often disappointed in men?

Are My High Expectations Setting Me Up For Failure?

Dating and relationships can be tough to navigate. You want to meet the right man for you, but you fear that your high expectations are setting you on a course towards failure and loneliness. Can you truly hold onto what you're looking for in a relationship without driving men away? Is there a way to really "have it all?"

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Should You Take A Break From Dating? [VIDEO]

Should You Take A Break From Dating?

Are you unlucky in love? Are you eager to meet Prince Charming? If you've become overly cynical about dating, you might be wondering whether or not it's a smart idea to take a break from dating. Perhaps some time and distance will give you the perspective you need.