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I Feel Like I'm Stuck In A Sexless Marriage & There's No Way Out

If you're one of the lucky people who got to marry their soulmate, feeling like your heart is going to explode from happiness and love pretty much comes with the territory. But sometimes, life and work and everything that comes with having a family can get in the way and your partner might start pulling away a bit. In some cases, as times passes, you may find that he seems less interested in being intimate. Why the sudden change? What does this mean for your marriage?

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Do you have different opinions on how to handle vacations and holidays?

My Boyfriend and I Can't Compromise

Do you fight a lot as a couple when it comes to making decisions about holidays and family events? Do you worry that those differences are irreconcilable. If so, help is on the way.

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3 Ways To Squeeze In More Sex

Still Life Love Advice from YourTango tackles users' questions about current and pressing relationship issues. In this episode, we offer advice to busy couples looking to get in more time between the sheets.

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Couples: Will Living Together Ruin Your Relationship?

Men from different lovestages debate whether or not to move in with a girlfriend before marriage. Some think it spells disaster for the relationship while others are convinced it's a necessary step. Watch five guys discuss the upsides and downsides to sharing a home with your partner before saying "I do." Their answers might surprise you!