couple fighting

Make Love, Not War: Is Your Constant Fighting Healthy?

Based on our own personal experiences, we can all admit that no couple gets along 100% of the time. In fact, it's completely normal to have differing opinions and for said opinions to create conflict. However, how much fighting is too much fighting? Is there a way to tell whether the arguments are covering up a bigger issue? When two people are so passionate about their relationship and each other, it only makes sense that they're willing to duke it out to get their point across. The problem lies in not knowing how to differentiate between a lover's spat and a full out war.

Have you ever caught him in a lie?

Have you ever caught him in a lie? [VIDEO]

In what circumstances is it OK to be dishonest? Some people think the key to communication is honesty? But do little white lies really hurt a relationship? YourTango goes to the street to find out when it's OK to lie and learns the craziest lies people have been told and have heard.

Managing Differences: My Spouse is a Slob

Managing Differences: My Spouse is a Slob [VIDEO]

What do you do if your significant other is a slob? How do you manage your differences? Catie Lazarus has some love and relationship issues and needs a therapist. She found the most experienced one out! Watch "On the Couch" for all the public therapy you will ever need.