How Do I Help My Teen Daughter Overcome Her Depression?
Don't worry.

How Can I Help My Daughter Overcome Her Depression?

Do you sometimes find it hard to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face after going through your mental checklist for the day? Are you constantly weighed down by stress to the point where you'd rather be left alone? If the answer to these questions are a resounding yes, don't worry; we've all been there. Everyone gets the blues now and again but what do you do if your daughter expresses the same feelings but in a much more dire way?

Help! My Kids Are Spoiled Brats [VIDEO]
Who's the boss in your house: you or your kids?

Help! My Kids Are Spoiled Brats

If your precious angels are out of control, you've come to the right place. In this video, author, relationship coach and YourTango Expert Shela Dean explains what to do when your kids start acting overly entitled.

family in home
Am I a bad parent?

Whose Needs Should Come First: Mine Or My Kids'?

Do you sacrifice your own needs in order to satisfy your kids? You may have your priorities all wrong. In this video, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist and YourTango Expert Dr. Shoshana Bennett says that contrary to what many parents believe, it isn't selfish to put your own needs first. "Selfishness implies that something is happening at someone else's expense," she explains. When you put your own needs before your kids, you're not harming them at all ... quite the opposite, in fact.

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Help! Three Kids And No Sex Life

Are family and work getting in the way of your physical needs? Are you afraid you might do something you will seriously regret later? In this instructional sex video, YourTango expert and therapist, Carin Goldstein compares relationships to a need to water it it see it grow! And the perfect fertilizer to help any couple through a dry spell is communication. 

A New Dating Site For Single Moms

A New Dating Site For Single Moms

If you think starting over after a bad breakup is tough, you should try heading out into the dating jungle as a single mom. Thankfully, The LoveFeed is here with info on a new dating site just for single moms. Check out to find your perfect match!

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No more pencilling yourself in.

Your Sex Life (After Kids) [VIDEO]

Getting a chance to spend some quality time with your partner after having kids isn't as simple as you may think. Gone are the days of being able to intimate with your spouse at any given moment; now that your children are in the picture, your sex life is going to get a whole lot more creative. Author Kimberly Ford shares stories from her new book, Hump: True Tales of Sex After Kids.