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The #1 Way Your Marriage Can Survive After An Affair [VIDEO]

When it comes to relationships, there's a reason why one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is infidelity. There's nothing worse than being hit with betrayal, that loss of trust—especially when you never saw it coming. And we get it. Being able to devote yourself to your partner fully and love them unconditionally, only to have that bond thrown away so carelessly is just the worst. Here's how your marriage can heal after an affair.

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The Truth Behind Whether Monogamy Really IS Impossible [VIDEO]

With the hookup culture taking over, it almost seems as if less people are committing to relationships. We're not saying that anything is wrong with that (if your partner is cool with it) but it makes us wonder whether a monogamous relationship is too hard to maintain in with today's dating field. When you add infidelity into the mix, things can get pretty hectic. Is monogamy really impossible?

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The Ugly Truth Behind Why She Cheated (Brace Yourself) [VIDEO]

Infidelity can ruin any relationship. But for some reason, society tends to focus on the reasons why men commit adultery. Because we never really talk about it as much, trying to figure out why women cheat has been a bit of a mystery. That is, until now. You may want to brace yourselves for the answer because it definitely isn't pretty.

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Divorce doesn't have to be the answer.

Getting Over His Affair Won't Be Easy, But There Are Ways To Deal

After all of the anniversaries and memories, finding out that your husband broke his wedding vows by cheating on you is such a hard thing to deal with. There's nothing worse than feeling like you've been betrayed and that you lost your lover and best friend. And who could blame you? After spending so many years with the love of your life and raising a beautiful family together, only for him to cheat, there's no question that this betrayal is totally devastating. As crazy as it sounds, even though his infidelity seriously hurt you, it doesn't mean that it's not possible for you guys to find your way back together.

Relationship Expert: Why Did My Husband Cheat On Me?
She had something he didn't even know he needed.

Why Did My Spouse Cheat On Me?

Esther Perel, Matthew Walter, Cynthia Chestnut, Lesli Doares and Elisabeth LaMotte discuss the different reasons your spouse cheated on you and why it's probably not your fault.

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Remember how much you love each other.

Even Though He Cheated On Me, Should I Forgive Him?

After being cheated on, the worst part is not knowing how he could betray you, especially after everything that you guys have been through. It's hard figuring out what drives people to have an affair in the first place. But holding onto that pain won't do anything to help you; in fact, it will only weigh you down and stop you from healing. Here's how you can get there.

Infidelity: Why Do Women Cheat [VIDEO]
Men aren't the only ones flirting with infidelity...

Why Do Women Cheat, Exactly?

Men aren't the only ones flirting with infidelity...Does a desire for extramarital sex drive the desire to cheat, or is it just an issue of sex?

Things can't be THIS bad... can they?

Media & The Myth Of Adultery

Infidelity runs rampant in Hollywood and mainstream media. Is this fear-mongering or should we really be concerned about our partner's faithfulness? A dating and relationship expert has the answer.

Should I Reveal My Best Friend's Infidelity? [VIDEO]
It's a difficult decision.

My Best Friend's Unfaithful: Should I Tell Her Husband?

Infidelity makes for all sorts of relationship challenges, but what about when the issues are your best friend's? Should you meddle in matters when your best friend is having an affair, or is it better to steer clear? Relationship expert John Gray has the answer.

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Why Do Women Cheat?

If you've ever caught your significant other cheating, you know: the pain is unbearable. So how do you know why someone has an affair instead of resolving the issues directly in our relationships? If so, help is on the way.