Sex Video: The Secret Benefits Of Using A Vibrator

Are you trying to convince your partner to bring a little extra buzz into your bedroom? Want to buy a vibrator but don't want to be caught dead in a sleezy sex shop? In this instructional sex video, YouTango expert and sex coach Dr. Dorree Lynn knows that vibrators are just as essential in your sex life as glasses are for your eyesight. If you wouldn't go to work without your contacts, then don't get into bed without your toys! (And you can go shopping online to avoid a walk of shame.)

Lets Share Fantasies

Let's Share Fantasies [VIDEO]

Fred and Danielle have decided to spice-up their relationship by incorporating some of their fantasies into their sex life. Danielle will dress up in one of Fred's fantasies and Fred will do the same for Danielle. However, Danielle may not be prepared for what Fred has in mind.