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Help! I'm Obsessed With My Weight

Dying to look like the actress on the latest cover of Vogue? Do you constantly criticize yourself when it comes to your appearance? If your weight is always on your mind, YourTango expert and life & health coach Nicole Burley can help you embrace and love the body you're living in. “Start to shift your focus from how you look on the outside to how your body feels on the inside,” Nicole advises.

Women Men Love: The Secrets Revealed

Women Men Love: The Secrets Revealed [VIDEO]

In this episode of "That's What He Said," find out what men think about turns on and turn offs. Turn ons: a sultry complexion, a sexy calf, spunkiness, big lips and big noses. Turn offs: Bad table manners, singing too loudly, cursing, and an unkempt.. back of the head?

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Is Your Boyfriend Too Hairy?

How important is male grooming? Should eyebrows be tweezed? And what about back hair? Is it a good idea to wax it? Or does some hair make him more of a man? YourTango takes this question to the streets to find out if women like men with back hair.