How To Apologize... From Jail

Oh boy. Alice's retaliation to Timmy's moment of weakness has really landed him in hot water. It turns out that the government doesn't take kindly to communists. Now Timmy Gordon has to convince the community that he's not a threat and for Alice to forgive him. Will a 1950s rap song do the trick?  Want to see more from sweet Alice and goofy Timmy? Check out the Electronic Picture Diaries.

Timmy Gordon

Will "Drunk" Facebooking Wreck Your Relationship?

Oh boy. Timmy Gordon has been getting really into Facebook, the electric friendship generator. Unfortunately, he's developed a case of insomnia and is trying to cure it with Doze-e-tonic. Unfortunately, the combination of bad advice from Donny Watershed, grand-pappy's cough syrup, 3D glasses and the joy of Facebook has Timmy making some really bad online decisions.

twitter bird rainbow
Twitter love.

Can Twitter Advice Save Your Relationship?

Uh oh, Alice is NOT pleased when she seen the late-night mayhem that Timmy has wreaked on Facebook, the Electric Friendship Generator. In fact, she thinks jejune Timmy may have done some work outside of their relationship (yep, suspected infidelity). Not sure what to do, she goes to Twitter to ask for some advice. Is crowd-sourcing relationship advice smart?

Timmy Gordon

How Much Porn Is Too Much?

Timmy Gordon is looking up an innocent science fiction film when he stumbles across a truly forbidden planet: computer porn. As a generally upstanding and genial fella, Timmy is shocked, then curious and then very interested. But Timmy feels a little guilty and doesn't want his new main squeeze Alice to find out but he thinks he could be developing a porn addicition. And it could ruin his relationship.

man sipping drink

How Should A Guy Handle Temptation?

Timmy Gordon is over-the-moon about Alice and they're officially going steady. However, his buddy Donny Watershed thinks all guys should have a lady on the backburner but Timmy is a one-gal kinda fella. Unfortunately, a real brassy broad doesn't give a fish's feet about Timmy's one-dame policy.

iphone kiss Alice

The iPhone Taught Me How To Kiss

Things are going swell for Alice and Timmy but they're going on date number three and Alice is a little nervous about the third date rule. Timmy has been a perfect gentleman up until now but Alice is hoping for some kissing action but she's not sure if she's a good kisser. So, she's downloaded an app for her myPhone to teach her how to kiss.

Text Message Timmy

When Autocorrect Makes Your Texts Too Sexy

Timmy Gordon has just started the texting phase of his budding courtship of one sweet Alice Johnson. Unfortunately, Timmy is as tongue-tied in text as he is in person. What should he tell Alice to get her motor revving? What happens when autocorrect has Alice inadvertently sending Timmy a message that gets his motor revving?

Timmy YouTube

How YouTube Can Help You Get Some Action

Timmy Gordon gets really nervous when he meets a gal for the first time and thinks he always ruins his first impression. Timmy, ever the optimist, decides to do something about it by taking a hint from his favorite YouTube personalities.


Help A Foxy Broad Find A Fine Fella

After her first episode, Alice Johnson is in full-swing and ready to get out there in the dating world. The only problem is Alice is a little demure when it comes to flirting. But she doesn't want to be a prude. So, Alice decides to play a few little characters to unleash her inner bad girl.