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These apps will keep you on the right path to a good vacation.
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These Travel Apps That Will Make Your Family Vacation Even Better

Kayak and Orbitz are always a safe bet, but it's a not a bad idea to consider some of the travel apps that have come onto the scene more recently. From creating trip itineraries to finding the best hotel rates to locating restaurants at a nearby highway exit, there's an app for that. Ensure your family has a stress-free summer vacation by downloading the must-have travel apps of the moment.

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Vacation should be a fun time for the parents, not just kids.
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5 Ways To Have The Best Sex Ever On Vacation

My family just returned from our first vacation to Disney World. My sister met us in Orlando to explore the happiest place on Earth with us. While I enjoyed having another adult to help out with the kids, having their Auntie stay in the same room with us also meant that my husband and I didn’t have any "happy endings" at the happiest place on earth. Sad, I know. Here's what I'll do during our next family vacation to make sure we have plenty of opportunities to get intimate.

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Create a romantic vacation for two without leaving home.
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Refresh Yourself: 6 Ways To Take A Vacation Without Leaving Home

Do you wish that you could get away for a short vacation but don't have the time or money? Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip without all the fuss of traffic, airport searches, jet lag or bad weather? Marriage and family therapist Gloria Arenson offers six ways that you can feel relaxed and coddled without leaving home or spending a lot of money.

Escape Together On This Romantic Getaway
One must-do? Take in the color-drenched sunsets.
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Escape Together On This Romantic Once-In-A-Lifetime Trip

At the start of a recent eight-day cruise our group sailed at sunset to Mosquera islet where dozens of sea lions basked on the white sands. Like paparazzi on a sidewalk, we jostled to photograph cuddly pups that waddled up to sniff our feet, while beefy alpha males plied the surf on the lookout for sharks at feeding time.

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Take your relationship to the next level in Big Sur.
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Sexy Big Sur: Why This Celeb-Approved Getaway Is Made For Romance

As romantic as cities can be, there is something magical about escaping the winter slush and post-holiday crowds with your partner to immerse yourself in the isolated beauty of a place like Big Sur, a remote, mile-long village on California's Central Coast that's a two hour drive south on the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco.

7 Summer Staycation Dates That'll Put You Into Relaxation Mode
France for a night has never been cheaper!
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7 Summer Staycation Dates That'll Put You Into Relaxation Mode

Instead of sulking as you watch your friends go to all the places you want to go, why not get in on the staycation fun? It may not be exactly what you hoped for this summer, but just think of these adventurous date ideas as practice for the big vacations you'll be able to take next year.

How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom
Go ahead — order room service er ... or should we say — takeout.
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How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom

Let's be serious — vacation sex is simply superior. New surroundings, a break from the daily grind, maybe even a tropical breeze, are just a few of the elements that elevate the experience from mundane to mind-blowing. But, if skipping town isn't an option, here are 6 ways to have staycation sex right from the comfort of your own bedroom.