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Greetings! Victoria here, and I want to ask you: Who's in charge of your Life - Your partner,your boss, your children, your parents - your To Do List??! In this crazy world moving so fast, we are constantly being assaulted by outside forces on how to live, what to purchase, who to adore – all from outside ourselves. We run on the Hamster Wheel of Life to keep up, and then find ourselves exhausted and out of touch with who we really are. If you think of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz - she was carried away from home by that darn tornado and knew she had to take a Journey to find her way home. I am here to guide women home to themselves. Your True Life is the one that deep down inside brings you all the joy, meaning and fulfillment you've ever dreamt of. It's the one that, no matter what circumstances are coming your way - tornados, etc - you are the Sovereign of your beliefs, decisions, actions and results. You rule your Kingdom as someone who's awake and internally directed by what really matters to you. You have a Foundation that is deeply rooted so that it can keep you steady always. These are not things we're taught generally at home or in school. I have taken my own Journey, learning to navigate the Transitions in life that lead to more self-awareness and conscious choice. I have 10 years experience, coaching 100's of clients to come home to themselves.  I believe what I do works because I've seen the success, over and over again. My clients are the living examples of women who are living their Purpose in the World. They are taking a Heroine's Journey and together we are a Tribe of truly authentic women, expressing our Goddess selves each day through the connection with our own inner Beloved, carrying that forth to gift our best to the world. Other things that inform my journey before I became a professional coach are a couple careers completely sourced from my passion for authentic expression and deep connection. I was a professional jazz dancer in the 1980's and in the 1990's I led outdoor adventures as the owner of Breakaway Adventure Travel, around the globe. Nature has always been my greatest teacher and that's why I now take women on coaching retreats to feel the power and stillness there. I know how to collaborate with Mother Earth in service to your greatest growth AND HAVING FUN! My offerings include private sessions with me, coaching via my group program by phone Sovereignty Circles, coaching at my online Sanctuary for journaling called iJournal and nourishing retreats of self-discovery that will carry you on the wings of compassion home to yourself again. I am here to support you in making the changes that will guide you to your True Life.

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