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I am that friend you want to have, I have and always will be that Ride or Die person. Not here to judge you, I believe in Karma.  I will give you my last as long as it doesn't interfere with my lively hood. I have a great personality, I am a people person. I get along with everyone. I am a mother of 6 with my oldest being 22 and youngest being 9. I have been through some trials that may seem inhumane at times, but I made it through. I love going to church and participating in church activities. I like skating, fishing, going to the park, and walking on the beach day or night with that special person. When I get involved with someone, I am totally committed to that person and am secure about my relationship/friendship at all times. When I love, I love hard! My communication skills have improved outside of writing letters, I verbalize my needs more out loud to my partner which is a plus! We must be able to communicate on all levels and we must have trust and understanding. I don't like liars especially when I am giving you 100% truth. When you need space, I give it to you with the expectation that space means not to run off and fill a void with another partner, space meaning clear your cobwebs and come home just as I would do. This is me!