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As a Career & Personal Development Coach I utilize the Laws of Attraction to help clients overcome limiting beliefs to think positively and put out positive energy to draw to them those things they want professionally and personally. As founder of CPI I work on developing creative solutions for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, & under-employed to find a source of income through affiliate & network marketing. We help clients come up with a strategy to build a successful long term career. Career performance Institute offers Teleseminars, webinars, boot camps or mentoring programs, advocacy, career, organizational, technology, and life coaching. We also have a radio show called Live without Limits on the Internet that air is on Blog Talk Radio. We have also published the book No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled. We offer a business coaching to help a company determine what problems the company is currently having in what they can do to solve the problem and help them close the gap between the two. As a career coach we work with clients who are in transition in the workplace, to learn how to create their own opportunities by writing out a job description for themselves and then researching a company they would like to work with after they have researched the company to find out exactly where the problems in the company are and help them put together a presentation when approaching the company and creating a position for themselves. As a life coach we work with clients to help them determine what their natural behavioral styles are and how to build on their strengths. We have also found that some clients need coaching so they can build self-esteem and change their negative thoughts into positive ones so they can make the right decisions for themselves in both their personal and business lifestyle. Since technology influences the job market today we help clients incorporate technology into their skills so they become more valuable to the company as an employee. Specialties: advocacy, disability rights, internet marketing, executive communication, leadership, career coaching, listening, relationships, diversity, time management, stress management, sales and managing people, business coaching, homebased business, radio show

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