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love to read, write poetry, listen to music(any genre) i really like philosophy, greek mythology, i was born in Guaymas,Sonora, Mexico but my great-grandfather was 100% cuban and i have been living with cubans so i have an accent. i have 4 tattoos and want more. i can cook abit, and i can dance salsa and merengue. I want to get married someday, and have children. wish to become a psycologits and help others. I believe that in order to love others we must love ouserlves first, and that every one is capable of greateness but its up to us do decide if we want to do greatness or just waste it. i also believe that we are all strong and should not give up, we must fitght for our happiness. Only we know our own strenghts and weaknesses, no one can hurt me without my permition for i am the strongerst young woman people has ever known.