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Making the right first impression is so vital! Your image is your passport to getting that guy to talk to you, and once you've got past GO, you need to be able to keep up that magnetism with a captivating presence. ANYONE can be captivating, no matter what their age, weight or height & I find with my clients, its often only a few small tweaks that are needed to go from unnoticed to ABSOLUTELY SHINING when you enter a room! One of my gifts is to see that potential and beauty in other women and to use all the skills that I have to bring that out and make you IRRESISTABLE. You'll quickly find that you're not only irresistible to the opposite sex, but indeed to anyone that you want to attract such as new clients, employers and friends. My mentoring style has been described as “elegant, engaging and highly intuitive”. I love being able to take personal care and attention of each of my clients. I have a very “hands on” approach and like to be able to hold your hand and be available to you through whatever you need so that by the end of our time together, you absolutely shine – wherever you go! 

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