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Hi, my name is Ariana Gaillard and I am the author of the blog SENSE + SENSUALITY. As with any girl in her 20s, I quickly realized that the only thing that is certain is that life changes. Relationships change, careers change, even your perspective on life can change.It is not an easy or warranted process and sometimes a little advice can go a long way. And after some unwarranted and not-so-easy changes in my life, I decided to develop my hobby of writing into SENSE + SENSUALITY. The blog brings witty yet straightforward content in the realm of love & relationships, sex, careers, finances, home lifestyle,and health & spirituality to women of color in their 20s. In a world where young women of color have redefined themselves, SENSE + SENSUALITY is dedicated to inspiring readers to create and passionately live a lifestyle that they want. 

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