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Ron Konkin, rpc - President As a professional counselor, life coach, speaker, facilitator, Marriage BootCamp Director and a select resource for Dr Phil, Ron's experience lies in working with people in the area of finding their worth. His passion is working with individuals and relationships helping them achieve lasting results. Without self-worth, life can seem meaningless and unfulfilling. Ron's question to his coaching clients and to seminar groups is always "how are you doing life", and "how would you like to be "doing" life in the future". Ron has over 20 years experience working with people, helping them improve their relationship with themselves and others. Both Ron and his wife Tina trained with one of Dr. Phil McGraw's partners Thelma Box back in the early nineties. After attending a seminar facilitated by Thelma, they realized how much more powerful an experiential seminar is and what power a group dynamic has. Since that time Ron & Tina have facilitated hundreds of seminars for individuals, couples, families, teens and businesses. Ron Konkin has a 3 year degree in Pastoral Care/Theology and Family Counseling. Ron and Tina have been married for over 29 years and have three children. What Dr Phil says about his resources: Over the past seven seasons, there have been a number of mental health treatment programs that have assisted the Dr. Phil show guests in resolving their issues. "I want to thank them by acknowledging their support both for our guests and the mission of the show. From the follow-up reports we receive from those individuals and families as guests on our show, we have our highest regard for the care and support these mental health professionals have afforded to both," says Dr. Phil. "We have links to their Web pages below and will continue to update the list to keep it as current as possible."