Randall Curtis

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My name is Randall Curtis. I am a professional astrologer who has spent more than fifty years reading the planetary cluster charts of thousands of people around the world. It is simple. The heavens do not lie. Many years ago, I spent eleven years in an Advaita Yoga monestary researching these clusters and found that they truly reveal the inner nature of every human being. I have presented many workshops on these planetary clusters at various colleges in Northern California. Many students have been amazed by the insights gained from such analysis and I am still surprised at how these clusters reveal the most subtle detals about human personalities. Yet, I am even more surpirsed at how so few people even know that such information exists.


But I hope my new book "How Planetary Clusters Dictate Your Destiny...and What You Can Do About Them" will fix that.


Here are some of the benefits of understanding your planetary clusters: What kind of relationship works best for you; how to choose your life partner and move beyond the dating game; the kind of work you truly enjoy doing and how to make it happen; how to get your heart's desire to work with your life purpose; how to take advanage of your life cycles and live in harmony with them; discover who you really are; know what is happening in your life and why.