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CRAVING MORE STABILITY IN YOUR CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS? COUPLES COUNSELING, MARRIAGE THERAPY AND QUESTIONING Couples Therapy for "One"... or Both of You. Stop the cycles of misunderstanding, hurt, anger, and temporary fixes, followed by disappointment with others & even yourself. Relationships styles affect : our families, work, making and keeping friends, romance, and even how we relate to our creativity and goals. Single, Dating, Living together, Married, Separated, Divorcing or in Need of Confidence. Our style may vary depending upon who we are with and in a particular circumstance, but that too may create confusion in us. Why can't I hold on to myself? Why am I assertive with everyone but the one person I need to be assertive with--my partner? Or my boss? Or I love my best friend but I hide things from her. People may enter therapy for many reasons: depression, anxiety, confusion, couples counseling, moodiness, stress, learning disorders, ADHD, substance abuse, domestic violence, grief, gay and lesbian concerns, divorce, step-parenting, illness, spiritual longing, creativity, sexual problems, and the drive for personal authenticity among many other important struggles. I have made counseling a safe and enlightening experience for over 25 yrs. SIGN UP FOR MY SOON-TO-BE-PUBLISHED BOOK "Lost Cat Confidential: What would you do for love?"  A lost cat poster tells the beginning of a story but how do we learn the ending? I collected lost and found cat posters around the world and contacted the owners. They shared the outcome of their stories in my soon-to-be published  book It's hilarious and poignant while touching upon such universal themes as the nature of love, determination, coping with sudden change, having resilience, faith, and protecting loved ones.  Searching for a missing cat is similar to the challenges of modern life--we must manage while confused and longing to love and be loved. But just how far would you go? For a missing cat or love of a person? It's a haunting read filled with dry wit and insight too. Think of Nancy Drew, if she were older, more philosophical and had a psych. degree. Twenty lost and found cat posters are reproduced. It's an unusual and charming adventure.