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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor from Texas and a Relationship Coach. My focus is doing Relationship Coaching with both Singles and Couples. My job is to help people find and keep their perfect match and help them to create happy, successful relationships. I moved to Southern California in late 2008 and I'm excited to be creating a new way to help people with their relationships. Most of my work with my clients is done by phone, which is wonderful and convenient for us all. I also provide regular informative shows on Blog Talk Radio, workshops for singles and couples, and small groups. I have a passion for working with Single women over 40 who are looking to find and keep the love of their lives. I also work with couples who are struggling to improve their relationships and who are eager to learn what they can do to reignite the sparks of passion . I'm getting ready to launch a Fixed-Term Membership Site that will allow people to have affordable access to what I teach my clients about relationship success in a weekly download, complete with goal-setting exercises to help them achieve their relationship goals.