M.Psych Marlise Witschi

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Marlise helps seeking women who struggle with themselves and/or their relationship, to find their true self, and become free and happy.

She is a clinical counsellor and healer, and has over twenty years of practice in the field of relationships, addictions, compulsions, childhood trauma and more.

Having experienced the frustration of getting no great results with traditional counselling herself, she decided to become a psychologist and find a way to help herself so she could heal from her struggles with an Eating Disorder. And that is exactly what she did: What no other therapy was able to provide her with, she was gratefully able to receive from the Healing Path she was guided to develop herself.

With compassion and kindness, she is extending her help to you, if

    you are feeling drained and exhausted in your relationship
    you are yearning to feel free and alive, but you are struggling instead
    you have tried different approaches before and nothing really worked.

If this is you, there is true hope. You absolutely CAN free yourself from struggle and suffering; from repeating the same patterns over and over again. You CAN take your Power back and live a life that brings you JOY, a life where you feel ALIVE, FULLFILLED and PEACEFUL.

Marlise has helped thousands of people transform their lives, by helping them let go of the struggle and burden of trauma and unconscious childhood beliefs.

She calls her Healing System Your Healing Way. It is based on the Wisdom of Spiritual Masters, her extensive knowledge of working with the Unconscious Mind and Energy Healing. Last but not least, Your Healing Way is rooted in the knowledge that we are Spirit Beings, living in a body, rather than the reverse.  Marlise is convinced of this, as she experienced it herself in a Near Death Experience.  This knowledge infuses all her sessions and bring people back home to their true nature, which is freedom, joy and peace.


At this time, Marlise is offering private and semi-private sessions in Squamish, BC , as well as sessions by telephone and Skype internationally. You can contact her at marlisew@hotmail.com, or by phone: 604-938-3620.

With her keen intuition and compassion, Marlise has helped hundreds of individuals to truly transform their lives. She considers you as her 'fellow-traveler' and is happy and honored to accompany you through your healing journey.