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I love to watch people grow and change. To accept themselves and see themselves in a whole new way. I'm an experienced LCSW, Life and Cerified Relationship Coach for Singles who uses a holistic approach. If you've ever felt like you wanted to feel better about yourself and your life --achieve more, find more inner peace, let go of stress and worry, meet your soul mate or learn how to take better care of yourself if you're caring for an aging parent; you are not alone. I will help you to accept that where you are in this moment is where you are supposed to be. Whatever your history, the past has passed, it's your responsibility for what shows up in your life today. Once you've decided its time to let go of whatever or whomever no longer serves you; I 'll partner with you to discover the life / relationship you desire. Together, we'll co-create the rich and exciting journey that will inspire you to act in ways you haven't before, from the inside out. I've applied these concepts to my own life and practice myself what I bring to you -- meditative and creative tools, exercises and techniques that really work that I've learned from renown experts. I'm your guide, your teacher, your catalyst to discovering what's keeping you from the life you want. If you are ready to transform your life in a caring, honest and supportive helping relationship, let's see if we're a good fit to work together. I'll look foward to hearing from you.