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Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Lesley O'Brien, dating coach and teacher of Finding Mr. Right, a workshop for women (www.findingmrright.info). As a certified professional coach, I help women transform their social lives and improve their dating connections. Also a licensed psychology teacher, I have studied social and achievement strategy for many years and look forward to sharing with you some effective techniques for attaining your personal goals. To learn more about the Finding Mr. Right coaching program, please visit About the Program at www.findingmrright.info. The program is currently offered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My ideal client is: A motivated single woman looking for insight and strategies to invigorate her social life and improve the quality of her dating connections with the ultimate goal of finding the right man for her. My specialties are: • Applying life enhancement methods to the goal of finding Mr. Right • Energizing key traits and effective thinking • Imparting optimism, motivation, and empowerment for life transformation 

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