Laurie Stolmaker

  • Married
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Laurie Stolmaker is an experienced counselor and educator with a private practice based in Santa Rosa, California. She has been happily married to Neil, since 1981 and they have two well loved and amazing sons. Laurie is the creator of Joyful on the Way, a 50 day game for getting unstuck about anything. She is a long time appreciator of Abraham-Hicks and loves coaching and co-creating with those who also appreciate Abraham. Laurie specializes in helping people to uncover and unleash the joy that is their natural birthright. She draws on her training in the work of Alfred Adler and Individual Psychology, as well as several teachers in the field of energy psychology and positive psychology. In addition to being a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, she is a certified Spirit Song teacher and guild member, a licensed HeartMath Provider and an Advanced Psych-K facilitator. Laurie has taught workshops all over the United States. She is currently on a writing sabbatical and is creating her speaking calendar for 2010. Laurie is available for individualized coaching. She also offers ongoing programs that include monthly teleseminar support.