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Writer, blogger and sex-positive activist, Lady Cheeky started her curated, sensual images blog ( in 2010 where she focuses on photos depicting desire and passion with a strong emphasis toward positive body image and depicting true passion in sex.  On her sister site, Smut For Smarties (, Lady Cheeky created a blog where readers can enjoy a wide breadth of articles and original erotica with a feminist, sex and body positive perspective.  The Lady Cheeky website has been listed in Get Lusty’s Top 10 Sex Blogs and Smut For Smarties has been awarded a Jane’s Guide Quality and Original listing. As a writer, Lady Cheeky has been featured on Fleshbot, Love Boudoir, is a regular contributor to the online magazine and will be included in the upcoming Rachel Kramer-Bussell anthology of Short, Short, Orgasm Erotica (2013, Cleis Press) and has also won the Domi Dollz True Tales of Erotica competition. Podcast appearances include the sex and body image podcast of the Ask Me Anything Love and Sex Show and about feminist porn. As a sex-positive activist, Lady Cheeky is committed to empowering women, especially women with body image issues, to seek and un-tether their natural sensual desire within, without shame. She hopes to empower women to have confidence that owning your own passion can free us to be the powerful and whole women were meant to be.