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Being as young as I am, I am filled with the power to woo, indulge and excite (that's how I managed to snag my hottie husband). I might be married but you got to keep the fire burning honey. It's like I'm still dating and I like to keep it that way. I'm always looking for ways to reignite the passion both inside and outside of the bedrooom and I got to say, my husband loves it (our children being a product of my loving passion).  I believe that once your in love, the story is just begining and the whole concept of love that two people share keeps evolving every single day. That's what keeps me excited and in love with love all the time. Being a hopeless romantic at heart might be one of the reasons for thinking and believing this but on the other hand, if two people are really and truly in love then they will agree with what I'm saying. Just ask any one of those many old couples that have remained married for most of their lives. Love is just one part of it, passion is the other. If you don't have passion, the love goes stale. I mean let's face it, if you're not attracted to anything, the love doesn't come easy. Love's got to be turned on every once in a while right?... well actually more then once in a while, quite often really *giggle*.  I might sound like a girl who jumped out of a romantic novel but hey, each to his own and this works best for me. I am happy, loved and filled with passion and will remain the same till the day I die!

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