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Holly Hill is the Australian bestselling author of Sugarbabe (published in New York by Skyhorse Publishing in July 2010 and by Random House Australia in 2007) and Toyboy (Random House Australia). Holly has hundreds of positive book reviews on the internet and has equal numbers of letters from fans who believe she has changed their lives. In 2006 she coined the popular terms, Negotiated Infidelity and Noughty Feminism and was committed to the notion, “we are risen from apes, not fallen from angels” (Robert Ardley, anthropologist). However, Holly recently retracted her notion of "negotiated infidelity", saying it emasculates men and makes women feel insecure. Despite becoming a household term after her appearances on Larry King, Dr Phil, CNN, National Geographic, 60 Minutes, Insight, Today Tonight, the Morning Show, the Today Show and ABC Radio National, Holly announced she got it wrong. Holly and her then partner, Phil Dean, conducted a four year ‘road test’ of the lifestyle as research for her third memoir and had encounters with hundreds of people. They sacrificed their own relationship to discover sex outside the marital bed must be an agreed-upon treat and not an everyday expectation. “Poor Dino was so emasculated by the experience that he immediately entered into a relationship with a tight leash held by a jealous woman,” says Holly “For my part, I ended up feeling like the ugliest girl in the room.” Holly now says any infidelity must be the “exception and not the expectation” and she has reversed the notion, calling it NEGOTIATED FIDELITY instead. “Whilst we know that monogamy hasn't worked for at least fifty percent of couples and has been scientifically discredited in books such as ‘Sex at Dawn’, it must still remain as a collaborative option in our relationship repertoire,” says Holly. NEGOTIATED FIDELITY is risk managing cheating and divorce. It involves formally defining a couple's own unique sexual boundaries and is part of the notion of having UNCONDITIONED LOVE. Unlike traditional concepts of human love, unconditioned love also recognizes our hardwired aspects, such as gender differences, sexuality, inherited fetishes, hormones and biology. On a professional level – and apart from her bestselling books about relationships – Holly Hill has a degree in human behaviour, is a fully qualified trainer, was a journalist for Fairfax and has specialised in resolving conflicts, treatment of depression and improving interpersonal relationships.

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