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24 going on "Business-Woman-of the:" year old Vegetarian Feminist from Kansas City, MO; pursing a Bachelor's of Sciences Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and Communications. I consider myself a pretty laid back young lady that takes respect and education pretty seriously. I've written poetry for over 15 years, and possess many interests and things that I do within my spare time: Yoga/meditation, poetry, spoken word, smiling *cheeze*, reading, dancing, writing, art(sculptural,abstract,glass,paintings), cooking, sleeping, being with family, learning new things, and living life. I also volunteer with 5 organizations one of which internationally, and love people. A few of my goals currently involve: obtaining my Specialist degree, Gaining an in-depth view of various cultures, reeducating generations to learn the proper things necessary in life, and to have fun while young! You only live once. :-)